Mild autism and dating

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Mild autism and dating - dating paduka sharifah mazlina

If you leave your home each day to work and notice that you feel better during the day, this can be a clear indicator that something in your home is causing your distress.

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== 'undefined') (function($, win, undef) {var reorder, reorder Timer;if (!Autism is a severe brain disorder which affects the behavior of the child which changes their mental and physical progress.It hampers the cognitive behavior and also the social and communication skills.These children are prone to respiratory problems, allergies, digestive problems, epilepsy, sleeping disorders and also relapsing of viral diseases.The causes of autism are yet a mystery and discussions are still on the factors that disturb the neurological condition that brings about autism.Regressive Autism is the most debated subject as children progress normally and all of a sudden they have defective speech and changes in behavior.

Research says there are many reasons that trigger autism.The factors that cause autism can be genetic, metabolic, poor immune system or even due to surroundings.Information and date reveal that autism is hereditary.There are chances of 3-10% probability of having an autistic child when there is already one in the family.Some believe that certain types of genes help in the happening of autism.But scientists are still not able to distinguish the relation between the faulty genes and autism.

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