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Mildura dating - danny bonaduce dating amy

I can’t say that I gave Mildura much thought in the subsequent decade, but the impressions formed by these experiences lingered.

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The route I’d taken had wound its way through towns with nothing but a pub and giant grain silos, past wind-farms with their idly rotating blades and through a beautiful gold-rush town with perfectly preserved Victorian era architecture and an uncharacteristically narrow main street – named St Arnaud after the then general of mines, a veteran of the Crimean war.Contemplations aside, there was a meal to attend to as a dish containing nothing but pasta, beans and olive oil was placed in front of me.Given the reputation of the restaurant, this was not of the calibre I had been expecting.Absentmindedly, I placed a fork-load of the dish into my mouth…and my world changed forever.Racenet records all official Mildura race results dating back to 2008.To view the result of a past Mildura meeting, click on the date below and you will find a complete set of results including margins, time, track condition, breeding and more.

A decade prior, on a break from secondary school studies, I had visited a friend whose father had been stationed there as a Telecom technician.For two weeks we terrorised rabbits and kangaroos with lengths of pipe and guns in a fashion I now understand to be characterised by the film ‘Wake In Fright.’ I learned to ride a motorcycle and that discharging a 303 rifle in a moving car creates a lot of noise and a neat if unwelcome hole in all the car’s body.Given this, and other shooting accidents we precipitated, I count myself lucky to have escaped with all limbs intact.My school buddy, somehow attributed with less luck, lost the end of his index finger when placing it over the end of a 0.22 rifle in a failed attempt to discourage his younger brother from ‘wasting a bullet’.The fine dirt of the Mallee was red and omnipresent, the rabbits inedible and sweet bright oranges the only fruit.If we made a trip to the urban areas of the town it left no impression on me other than glimpses of overheated tarmac and poor examples of 1970s motel architecture.