Miley cyrus dating mitchel musso

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Miley cyrus dating mitchel musso

A new version of the switch from Miley to Hannah is featured in the middle of the theme song, as Miley admires a hug between her and her dad in a clip of Hannah Montana Forever.

The Stewarts move into their new home when Miley and Lilly realize that Robby has moved Miley's old bedroom furniture, including white bunk beds, pink walls, pink bedding, dolls, a stuffed unicorn and Rainbow Piggy, and they set out to make some changes. J., Tammin Sursok as Siena, Kiara Muhammad as Krystal, Morgan York as Sarah, Hayley Chase as Joannie Palumbo, and Davis Cleveland as the boy who wanted the tiger Hannah song featured: "Are You Ready (Superstar)" Notes: Starting with this episode, the series is broadcast in high definition and is the last pre-2009 Disney Channel series to transition to the format; the show now utilizes a filmized appearance, though the show is still shot on videotape (which is standard for Disney Channel multi-camera sitcoms).

Meanwhile Jackson must please his obnoxious neighbor TJ to get close to TJ's cousin, Siena who lives next door. With the Stewart family having moved into a new house in this episode, the series is now the second Disney Channel series to change its primary setting during the course of the series; Jonas is the other.

Mitchel Musso is no longer a series regular and has been removed from the opening credits, due to him being downgraded to a recurring role on the series on account of Musso landing a starring role in the Disney XD series Pair of Kings and working on his music career. Jones is the second main star of the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men to appear on this series.

Jon Cryer, who plays Alan on Two and a Half Men, had appeared on the season 3 episode "The Wheel Near My Bed (Keeps On Turnin')" and would return in this season's episode "I Am Mamaw, Hear Me Roar! Miley Cyrus would also re-team with Cryer and Jones in the Two and a Half Men season 10 episodes "You Do Know What The Lollipop Is For" and "Avoid the Chinese Mustard".

In this season, Mitchel Musso's character Oliver Oken becomes a recurring character, and is no longer in the main cast, due to Musso starring on the Disney XD series Pair of Kings.

In the season, the Stewarts and Lilly move to a ranch in Malibu.

This is the first season of the show to be broadcast in High Definition.

For season four, the opening credits from season three were used with some minor revisions.

The names (excluding Mitchel Musso as his character has become a recurring character) appear on a scrolling marquee as one would see on a theater, featuring a different font.

The sequence then changes to wide-screen episode clips, in which only season 4 episode clips are included.

The same version of the song "The Best of Both Worlds" from Season 3 was used; however, a green screened concert version was used with the Season 3 concert stage for the concert scenes.

The creators' names appear in the second to last clip.

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