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When Father came in she pasted a smile on her face. I’d come home and she’d be sat on the sofa, doing nothing.

Mother never answered my question but somehow I knew it was Father who was making her like she was. He had started staying out late and often come home smelling of drink and talking incoherently. She looked into my eyes and once more started to cry. I looked down; I couldn’t bear to see her face like that.

Pallu of her sari was fall on her thighs revealing her blouse. I stared at her Mangalsutra in the light then noticed that her tears were dripping onto her blouse and making small see-through pools on the material.

This held my attention completely; I was even able to see her nipples clearly, as She wasn’t wearing any bra underneath. One of the reasons I got job in this video library was that we used to rent blue films cassette from there.

I don’t know I had ever really noticed my mother as a woman before but I remember clearly the sight of her nipples in the wet fabric and that afternoon changed how I thought about her for ever. God, how my eighteen-year-old body yearned to see them, to touch them, to squeeze them, to explore them. I started to fantasies about my mother then, What she looks like without cloths or how it would be to suck those big breasts of my mother or to fuck her.

My mother married my father when she was 20 and father was 30. Father used to leave morning am and used to return pm at home. Every other day father would come home drunk and then would quarrel and abusing my mother.

Although there was big age deference between them initially their married life was quite satisfactory. As My mother was housewife she would greet him everyday when he returned from office. We used to go out in the garden, for shopping or for dinner. She would not say anything to him, would keep quite or some time only would answer him.

As far as I remember we were quite happy family until up to two years before. Since then last two years were most painful in our life, Especially my mothers. Father would spend most of his salary in his bad habits, as it was difficult to my mother to run household expenses. Initially my mother tried to change his new habits and he even listen her some times. After that peacefulness of our house had shattered.So I started to do part-time job in one videocassette library, which would help our household expenses.My mother knew how I was working hard to keep running our house. I got home from college one day and found her crying in the hall. She put her arm over my shoulders and pulled me close.I hated seeing her like that, I had never seen her cry like that before. We sat there for some time, just holding each other, not moving or talking.Eventually she got up, and without explaining a thing, started making dinner.