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Uninstall Plugins and choose to use Classic skin would speed up.

Messenger is a very useful and helpful method of going through older chat logs. Just go to edit profile and in the nick name type a (space character) on it just press Alt 0160 ( or ALT+255 ) and save it, now go to yahoo chat room and see your nick name empty.. You can change the text that appears at the very top of the yahoo messenger window by editing the file. Then at the end, type this: [APP TITLE] caption=YOUR TEXT change YOUR TEXT to whatever you want it to say. When you restart messenger you will see your new message. New versions will most likely make removing the ads more difficult or even impossible.Use this nice little indexing plugin called YIM Archive Plug-in for Google Desktop Search, using which i could access all my Yahoo archived logs even when I am not online using the Desktop search. Close the messenger, download the Self Extracting file – 64KB and run Updated : Read Simple and Best Yahoo Messenger Ad Remover all versions It can be disabled by renaming the “yupdate.exe” in program files to “bak” I find this feature annoying sometimes, I haven’t seen any option to disable this.There is another way with which you can definitely access the logs which will include you downloading a software called Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder. themselves use to provide it’s users with a Deny a Buddy web page. But one way to go around is to Start the im windows minimized so you can still stay invisible without your control in the new window.Currently these third party applications do the same: No Buddy Utility from 2; Deny A Buddy Program ; Noober Remover 2.0 ; Dermots Denial 2.0 You can create custom profiles with different name, sex and other details from Yahoo Create/Edit Profiles. Hyper IM is simply the only status changer & manager you’ll ever use from now on. You can find all the hidden smileys on yahoo site or use this YEmote PLUS plugin. Please keep in mind that entering a nickname in its special box, no matter if you also write a first or a last name, will display only this field in your contacts’ lists. Then change this value of plural to like this “Plural”=dword: 00000001 You can configure the first name, the last name and the nickname by clicking on the Messenger menu � My Contact Details.

Read my other post Detect invisible users in yahoo messenger – 10 different ways – all working Zync plug-in allows you and a friend to watch the same video in sync in the IM window. Video or Google Video, grab the URL ( from the website and type �watch � into your IM text box and send it (ex: watch The best part about Zync is that when the video is playing, you and your friend see the exact same thing at the same time. Unyte Lyte provides 1:1 desktop sharing to Yahoo users. Or do it manual, Click start button,then run and then type regedit and then look for HKEY_CURRENT_ USER\Software\yahoo\ pager\Test.

When you click on the reg file above, just click “run” from current location.

Messenger v8.0 or above, Yahoo will let you run multiple copies of Yahoo Messenger at the same time which will allow you to login multiple ID’s at the same time.

Also, remember that you cannot change the way you appear in other lists because your contacts are able to modify your name as they want.

Note that if you IM with someone not on your friends list, that person will only see your Yahoo!

ID Yahoo Tracker is a web based free to use service that lets you track the online offline activity of any yahoo id anonymously. You can track on up to 12 yahoo ids with one account.