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Mydatinghub com - narod i ua dating wep

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Hubpeople and Warehouse Dating are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership to provide the technology solution for the Warehouse Dating portfolio of dating products.

Continuous focus by Hubpeople on re-investing within the development of their bespoke platform over the years has enabled them to provide their partners with the most solid, functional platform currently available.

Additionally, securing a driven development team to enable sustained advancement within future developments.

“We really liked a lot of the features that the latest generation Hubpeople platform brought from a customer conversion and retention standpoint, and also that they had the reliability and scalability to manage our portfolio of over 4,000 dating properties.

In addition we felt they had a great team in place to help us migrate quickly and grow rapidly.” said Jonathan Bird, managing director of Warehouse Dating. He went on to say: “The collaboration with Warehouse Dating affirms the investment made over the years on our platform, ensuring that we are able to provide a high performing, reliable and flexible technology to our partners.

We set up a dedicated team to provide a flawless transition, allowing us to migrate hundreds of unique sites each week.

SHE' S PISSED I' VE GOT A DATING SITE PROFILE Ellis: I’ve been with my girlfriend for about six months and it’s a fairly serious and committed relationship.

I met her on a lesbian dating site and I never took down my profile.

The other day, I was checking my email when my girlfriend looked over my shoulder and saw a notification from the dating site.

HALLMARK INCLUDES GAY COUPLES IN VALENTINE' S DAY MARKETING Greeting card company Hallmark has opted to include two gay couples in one of its pre-Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns, providing the LGBT community with a refreshing change from the heterosexual-centric commercials that are so common in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

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