Naked first date

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I won’t tell you the details of my answer (because we’re not out on a date), but I was happy to be open and a little naked with him about this topic. ◊♦◊ So, the next time you run out of things to say on a date, or you just want to get a little bit closer, try asking him or her this question.

In the upcoming episode of the show, 69-year-old Bob goes on a date with 24-year-old Natalie, and it's just as awkward as it sounds -- at least at first.

SEE ALSO: Lindsay Lohan went full-on Mischa Barton with tribute to terrorism victims You can watch a clip of their date over at Entertainment Weekly, but we got a first-look at their full date, which takes an unexpectedly heartwarming turn. We're going to stay mum-lipped on that, but let's just say that the pair definitely has a fun time together.

As if dating wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, a new show sees blind daters strip off, climb into bed and endure half an hour of naked questioning.

New show Undressed on TLC will be forcing desperate singletons to shed their clothing and climb into bed for a round of intense questioning to see if they fancy their bed fellow. If they don’t, it’s that awkward morning after moment where there’s scrabbling around for tops and skirts to get out of there ASAP. Singleton strangers that undress each other on a first date.

— Raise your hand if you want to get naked on a first date. Now, raise your hand if you love first date conversations.

When you’re meeting someone for the first time, it can be painful to try and make a meaningful, interesting, exciting connection. And that’s what leads to true, heart-thumping, toe-curling love!

He’s revealed his favorite pizza, the craziest thing he did in his fraternity days, and what he likes about his job. We were having dinner, chatting about so many things, when he surprised me with a question I had never heard on a first date. He added that I didn’t need to answer, he was just curious. You have shared that you’re human, compassionate, and open. Yep, dating is about a bunch of “no-freakin’-way” mismatches until you get to that golden ticket…a You’re having fun, you’re attracted to her, you’re learning about her passions, her favorite vacations, and what she does for fun. No, I’m not talking about being I once met someone who asked me a first date question that left me feeling a little naked—and a little excited. While some people might be offended or choose to change the topic, I LOVED this question. If you reveal that you can accept your own imperfections, there’s a pretty good chance you will make a good partner in a relationship. What if you could ask a really good question, one that would help you get ‘naked’ together. This type of conversation will help you decide if you want a second date. That would have been uncomfortable and inappropriate for a first date conversation. And whether or not I felt my ex’s perceptions were accurate. When you’re willing to be a little emotionally naked, even as early on as a first date, you’ll learn so much more about one another. He didn’t ask what I thought my biggest flaws were. And you’ll see how willing he/she is to get vulnerable. You’ll learn your date’s comfort level with revealing his/her perceived flaws.

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