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Many cultures express a similar sentiment, though the phrase "caught between a rock and a hard place" is thought to originate in the United States.It speaks to the tough decisions we often have to make in life.

It leaves a lasting impression and is a little reward to remember and enjoy.That is why we love the phrase "to leave the best for last."The French would say: Money is a popular subject for words of wisdom and one of the most popular was reportedly coined in America after World War II.Times were tough and if the cost was high, someone might have said, "That costs an arm and a leg."Translating that to French, you might say: The popular idiom, "like father, like son" alludes to the question of how nature and nurture lead to the people we become.In French, the translation for this phrase (also meaning "like breeds like") is: When the person in charge leaves, everyone is free to do as they please.Do you know how to say "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" in French? Learning the French translations for popular expressions and idioms is a great way to study French and add to your vocabulary.As you browse through this list, you will find many popular English expressions translated into French. Instead, they were translated in order to make sense in French, not to be a word-for-word meaning.

For instance, the phrase is used to express that someone "doesn't know which way to turn" (that they're making a choice).

Yet, if you place the French phrase into an online translator like Google Translate, you get the result of "to be a hundred lashes." That is far from the intended meaning, which is why computers are not your best source of translation.

Human translators use the same logic employed by those who created these words of wisdom.

You will use the same logic when translating and this is why it is important to continue studying French rather than rely on computers.

Have fun with these expressions and allow this lesson to influence your own translations.

Since you're familiar with the meaning of the expressions, it should be a little easier to grasp them in French.

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