Nigeria online dating romance scams

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Nigeria online dating romance scams - Looking for a no sign up no money one on one sex chat

The sweetheart swindle scam, also known as the Nigerian romance scam is one that focuses on manipulating the emotions of a person who is seeking love online.

Once the scammer has caught his victim in his trap, he begins to ask for small amounts of money to assist him in daily expenses. He needs money to pay his medical bills after falling ill, he needs help because he was mugged, he needs your help buying a plane ticket so the two of you can finally be joined together.

This story is of one particular scammer who has conned countless women since 2007.

His name is Roy Innocent Moore and he is a professional Nigerian Romance Scammer.

In Nigeria, scamming is their third largest export industry, the sweetheart swindle is the most devastating.

Not only are these women taken for thousands of dollars, but their families are torn apart, their hearts broken and their ability to trust is damaged.

Roy Innocent Moore has concocted a persona that is complex and varies slightly from victim to victim. His mother was from the UK and he was born in Jamaica.

After the death of his father, his family relocated back to the UK and he attended Bradford University for Art.He eventually moved to New York City, married and had a daughter.Depending on which of his victims you speak to , Mr. I first came to hear of his name three years ago when he met a family member of mine on Each day he sent her poetry, and romantic emails filled with promises of their future together.He was staying in Nigeria at the time because he had a contract with the “National Museum” in Lagos.As time went by and her love for him deepened he began to have financial troubles.She was more than willing to assist him, knowing that any money she sent him would be returned to her when he came home to America.

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