Old school mtv dating show

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Old school mtv dating show - merry cherry dating scam

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premiered on Thursday at midnight, and focused on two women who are not only in love with their cousins, but they are having their cousin’s babies.One of those women is 20-year-old Alexis, who plans to marry Andrew, her cousin.Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Alexis is towing the line as she tries to get the family to pitch in for Andrew’s bail money.Already mother to a 2-year-old child whose dad isn’t Andrew, Alexis is six-months pregnant with Andrew’s child.Locked up for burglary, Andrew has a helper in Alexis as she tries to corral the family to raise money for Andrew’s bail.The fact that Andrew might have not been honest in his fidelity with Alexis is another strike against him.

Andrew gets sentenced to six years in jail, and will not only miss his daughter being born, but will have to awkwardly remain in Alexis’ life as the father of her child and a family member.is 23-year-old Grace — who is already the wife of 24-year-old Dylan, her cousin.The couple has 18-month-old and 3-year-old daughters, and unlike other cousins who may have been raised closely, Dylan and Grace didn’t know one another whilst growing up.That didn’t stop some of their family members from disowning them, like Grace’s brother.As a result of the backlash, they decided to move from Tennessee to Los Angeles.MTV provided an update to their popular “No family would approve of cousins dating.

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