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Anglesey has so much to offer, whether you want long coastal walks, cosy pubs, leisure centres, mussel picking or kite-surfing, it caters to all tastes so the bottom line is that you can never be short of Anglesey things to do in.

Just in case you were wondering there is also a Mcdonalds in Holyhead.Anglesey Sea Zoo Anglesey Sea Zoo is ray of sunshine in Anglesey and located towards the very south of the island, overlooking the Menai Strait.It is an excellent plaice presenting a fantastic day out for all kinds of soles, particularly families with groupers of children.It offers plenty of tanks of various fish and marine life found around the coast of Anglesey although the playground is a bit of a red herring.You can also get a mean plate of fish and chips from the Lighthouse Bistro, just don’t be a pollock and forget your credit card!The staff are a tiny bit crabby at times but certainly not sharks .

Last time we went there was a band playing but they were slightly out of tuna…

Further details can be found on the Anglesey Sea Zoo website here.

South Stack Lighthouse South Stack makes a good windy walk and is located in the very North West of the island, near to Holyhead Mountain.

It has approximately 400 steps which lead down to the lighthouse but sometimes the walkway across to visit the lighthouse is closed.

Perhaps the best aspect of walking down the stairs to South Stack Lighthouse is that you can reward yourself with an ice cream when you make it back up to the top again. Holyhead Mountain This is perhaps the most generous name ever for what really amounts to a hill at around 250m high.

Holyhead ‘Mountain’ is easily climbable in around 45 minutes and best accessed from the South Stack lighthouse.

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