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You only want the most talented promotional staff representing your brand on the front lines.

If you want your audience to truly remember your brand and talk to their friends about it, you must fully engage them in the EXPERIENCE of your brand!

Your brand has an image to uphold and the promotional event staff at XO can help you communicate that vision to your consumers.

Let our highly experienced team of brand ambassadors, who have helped promote brands just like yours all across the country, take your activation to the next level!

The goal is to create a BUZZ around your product or service.

Let our promo staff get people talking, texting, tweeting and sharing your brand - this is what XO does best!

XO Talent Agency is based out of San Diego, California.

In the span of two years, XO rapidly grew from a small, local agency to a nationwide promotional event staffing powerhouse.Thanks to our modern approach and extensive selection process, XO has become the clear choice for staffing events for over 200 popular companies and name brands.We have represented clients at both large and small-scale events in every major city across the country.From Los Angeles to Miami, New York to San Francisco, XO does more with less.The overall acceptance rate to join the agency is approximately 10%.Unlike many other event staffing agencies, we won't just throw anyone at your event, because we take great pride in our reputation as a premium staffing agency.

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