Opensuse updating to 12 1

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Opensuse updating to 12 1 - who is sterling steelo brim dating

"open SUSE Education team is proud to present open SUSE-Edu Li-f-e (Linux for Education) based on open SUSE 12.3.The image is a "hybrid" iso image, the same image can be used to burn a Live DVD or to create a Live USB stick. run this command as root (su -, not sudo) live-fat-stick isopath stickpartition e.g.: live-fat-stick /home/geeko/open SUSE-Edu-li-f-e-12.2-1-i686/dev/sd XY To add Ubuntu iso to the stick, run the following: export distroname=ubuntu live-fat-stick /path/to//dev/sd XY isopath should be full absolute path of iso image and the device should be actual partition on the stick like /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdc1,/dev/sdc2... run live-fat-stick -l to list the possible usb sticks available.

The software selection encompasses everything required to make computers productive for either home or educational use without having to install anything additional. The Live DVD contains KIWI-LTSP server that can be enabled even by non-technical user, it comes bundled with tons of useful applications from open SUSE Education, Build Service and Packman repositories. With the KIWI-LTSP server you can PXE(network) boot other PCs to use this live DVD without installing or modifying anything on them. Booting from hard disk again will leave those PCs as they were. (Please note that running LTSP from Live DVD/USB is meant for demo/testing purpose only, install on the hard disk to use it in production). source=dlp SUSE_12.1/mirrorlist I have updated most activities in X11: Sugar. Some of them failed to start as no updated version is available, namely: Analyze, Colors!

, Connect, Fifty Two, Mail, View Slides Some other problems are: 1.

We are happy to announce that Azure image type has been enabled for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP1 appliances.

From now on you can build and upload SLE12 SP1 based appliances in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Microsoft is updating Windows Azure to improve the performance and stability of their virtual machines (VM), currently still in preview.

This requires immediate action by January 15, 2013 for custom Linux images that fit the following descriptions: There is no impact to your running Linux VMs.

However, if you intend to capture images from a running Linux VM and that VM was created on or before December 21, 2012, you need to update it with the instructions below.