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Pak 7sex - Marc campbell unc

Save 4.49 off this cover price and get the Sex Around the World issue in our 4-issue Bundle Pack. Our seventh issue explores sensuality, sexuality, and the erotic from an enticing global perspective.

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Each story is diverse, packed with the richness and details of foreign cultures, while finding that there's still something similar in all of our journeys to sexual empowerment.Parisian love affairs, tantric sex in India, a different type of threesome in Peru, you'll find it in this issue, complemented by stunning illustrations, paintings, and photography.Lots of women enjoy sex and like to try out new positions with their partner but find it hard to achieve an orgasm very often.If this sounds like you, then read on to discover some of our recommended positions to help you reach the climax that you've been dreaming of.When it comes to achieving a mind-blowing orgasm, simplicity is often the key.In this version of the missionary position, the woman puts a couple of pillows or cushions underneath her bottom so that her hips are raised up.

This allows for deeper penetration and also the positioning of the groin makes it easier for her clitoris to be stimulated by her partner as he enters her.

Many women favour a missionary-style position as they feel especially turned on with their man's weight upon them.

Sometimes simply taking sex out of the bedroom can help increase excitement and make it more likely for the woman to orgasm, so for this position make your way to the kitchen.

You will need a table that isn't too high so that the man's waist is at table-top height.

The woman lies down flat on the table edge whilst her partner enters her, holding on to either her hips or waist depending on how tall he is.

As he is standing, the man's hands are free to roam her body meaning that he can stimulate her clitoris at the same time and he could also massage in some orgasm enhancing lubricant to help her to climax sooner.

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