Pakistani dating in car

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He picked me up and we collected some other friends (both, boys and girls) whose homes were along the way.Then we had ice cream at a place close to where I live.

The friend who was supposed to be dropped right before me lives opposite Nisar Shaheed Park in DHA phase 4.

After she went inside her house, the friend I hitched a ride with decided to stop at the park and buy himself a bottle of water from the tuck shop. If you take her home, will her family recognise you?

It was after the park’s closing time and the place was pitch dark, the only place to park being the parking lot. Apparently, they didn’t believe him, and they started asking me the same questions.

On his way out, he noticed his car had developed a puncture and he asked me to call my brother, and ask him to bring a repair guy, so that the puncture could get fixed and my brother could drop me back home. What we did not realise was that we were in a police patrol point, and parking in the secluded lot made us prime suspects. During that time, my brother showed up and the police turned on him.

Apparently the restrictions on what you can and cannot do in this country are becoming stricter and minds are gradually becoming narrower.

I used to think that the ‘law’ of being caught with a member of the opposite sex had died with Ziaul Haq, and that people would gradually have become more open-minded about seeing two members of the different genders together without automatically assuming the worst.

Unfortunately, I was to be proven wrong on both counts.There is a very famous poster that makes the rounds on social media.It says: This is exemplified by police patrols in secluded areas waiting to pounce on couples in action.Although I really don’t agree with this invasion of privacy either – what two people choose to do is entirely their own business – there are times when you wonder whether this way of thinking has gone a bit too far, just like I did.A friend of mine called me yesterday evening asking me if I would like to have some ice cream with him and a few other friends.Since I can’t say no to ice cream, I didn’t hesitate to say yes and he offered to pick me up.