Paula and simon dating 2016

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Paula and simon dating 2016 - white on black dating site

Now, Four Corners has seen evidence of problems at the mine dating back almost a decade.It was sheer luck the death toll wasn't in the hundreds when a lethal torrent of sludge spewed from the Fundao dam, wiping out the village of Bento Rodrigues in November.

Police are seeking the arrest of six Samarco executives who face charges of qualified homicide.BHP, the world's biggest mining company, has distanced itself from the operations of the mine.But Four Corners has seen evidence of a long history of problems at the BHP-owned dam dating back to the beginnings of its construction in 2007, and learned that independent testing of water samples from the river system has found levels of arsenic and lead 10 to 20 times higher than Brazilian regulations allow.Brazilian state police now allege the disaster was partially caused by the mine ramping up production to offset the falling iron ore price. We know Robin Thicke officially decided to move on from ex-wife Paula Patton last month when he threw a massive divorce party — filled with booze, models, and Leonardo Di Caprio.But his latest sighting makes us think he's ready to settle down again!

The singer was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills on Friday, and he wasn't alone.

He picked up a pretty brunette (who happened to look VERY similar to Paula) and they allegedly spent the entire day driving around together and checking out a construction site.

[ Related: Paula Moved In With Her New BF Weeks Before Filing Divorce ] Notably, BOTH parties were spotted with silver-colored bands on THOSE fingers…

making us wonder if they've exchanged promise rings!!

Either that, or Robin is wearing a rando ring on his left hand while dating a married lady. See the photos of the rings in the gallery (above)!!

When millions of cubic metres of mining waste burst from a dam at BHP's joint-venture iron ore mine in Brazil, 19 people died, livelihoods were destroyed, and an environmental disaster was created that will cost billions of dollars to repair.