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You wouldn’t even know it’s the same people on Facebook.” The person responding to a Morning Sentinel message sent to one of the earlier “Purge” pages claimed that the girls shown in the explicit photos on that page are seeking the attention. They open the camera app on their phones themselves. They send the pictures and even videos all on their own,” the responder wrote, adding later, “Don’t be fooled, they ALL jumped at the chance to be put up, hoping to become the next Kim Kardashian.” A Facebook spokesperson, responding Thursday to an emailed request for comment, sent the following statement: “Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people that use our site and this material has absolutely no place on Facebook.

Police have received tips and leads, but there are no suspects in the case, Armstrong said.

Police have been in touch with Facebook about getting information from the account used to set up the pages, Armstrong said.

“They’ve agreed to do the best they can to get that information out to us in less than the standard time. The state police also are continuing to work with local law enforcement agencies, including the Skowhegan Police Department, the Oakland Police Department and the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office, to identify some of the girls in the pictures originally posted on the page.

Only a handful of girls had been identified as being from Maine by Thursday.

Three more pages apparently related to a series of “Purge of Maine” explicit photos of Maine girls appeared late Thursday on Facebook, and a person responding to questions posted to an earlier page said all the photos were posted with the consent of the girls depicted in them.

The responder also added, “I’ll probably be in jail soon to be honest lol.” Facebook pages earlier in the week containing nude or sexually explicit photos of young Maine girls sparked an outpouring of criticism on social media and launched investigations by several law enforcement agencies around the state.

Photos on the pages created Thursday, by contrast, showed girls who were scantily clad but not naked.

Law enforcement officials said they think all five Facebook pages that had been reported by Thursday morning, starting with “The Purge of Maine” and containing variations of the name in subsequent pages, are related to each other, but they haven’t yet identified who might be responsible for the postings, which were first reported to local police on Tuesday.

The pages included dozens of sexually explicit images, many of them selfies, or self-portraits, of girls, and said that many of them were from Maine.

All of those earlier pages had been taken down by Facebook as of Thursday afternoon.

An icon for “Maine Purge” with a photo of a young girl and the bright green letters “Exposed” stamped across her picture led only to a link on Thursday that said, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” The same icon next to a page called “Purge Maine” also led nowhere.

“I think someone’s getting scared, and they’re not having the ability to get out what they want to get out because that public outcry is shutting them down fast,” said David Armstrong, a detective for the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit, which is leading the investigation, reacting earlier in the day. People are seeing it and they’re saying, ‘Call in, call in,’ and Facebook has had enough of it. But they could still come up and do something totally different.