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This site contains video clips of pinay scandals; USC Scandal 2 - UST Scandal - UST Scandal 2 - Xavier Univ Scandal - Zamboanga Scandal.XEO Sites - Naughty Pinay Celebs - Pinay Pornstars …; SPC Scandal Tags: pinay : scandal Channels: Asian Added: 5 months ago by fish_82; If you are looking for pinay scandal related blogs or website, I think, I can help you.*wink* ;).” These are the phrases how other webmaster describe their porn website. Did you know that you’ll gain much traffic for your blog through the Pinay Scandal trend? You can take advantage of the huge traffic coming from the Pinay Scandal surfers.And as of writing this post, they are on the top rank when searching for Pinay Scandal using Google. Just take a look at the screenshot below of the graph of the traffic searching for the Pinay Scandal (image taken from Google Trend): The traffic according to the graph started on the mid of 2005 and it continuously increases.This means that tons of web surfers are now looking for Pinay Scandals on the web. Actually, this terms refer to the photos, videos or any stories that reveal shameful, sexperience, and secrets of some individuals or celebrities.This includes photos or videos taken at any places by secret cameras of two individual performing sex or any scandalous acts, and other similar videos or photos that expose someone’s secrets. The process is similar to what we did on our experiment on Pinay Sex and the Filipina Writing project.