Play steam offline without updating

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Official Patches Valve has released many updates for both the Source Engine upon which the game is based, as well as fixes specific to Half Life 2 and other Source games.

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Whenever you start the Steam Client, it will automatically and periodically check for and install relevant updates as required - see the Steam section further below for configuration details.

Given Valve's commitment to distributing software via Steam, all updates for Half Life 2 and other Source Engine games will continue to be available exclusively through Steam.

Keep an eye on the front page of Tweak for regular notifications of updates for Half Life 2 and other Source (and non-Source) games as they are released.

Note that if you run a 64-bit based CPU as well as a 64-bit based Operating System such as Windows x64 or Vista 64-bit, you can download the 64-bit version of Half Life 2 for your system.

This version will not work on any other type of system, and contains no new content.

It simply takes advantage of 64-bit systems to improve performance.

Copy Protection Steam is not only a digital distribution method, it also has built-in online verification for copy protection.As long as you've legitimately purchased a game via Steam, allowed it to verify and update online, and you're using your own account to play on only one PC at any time, then you should have no problems at all.An added bonus of playing a game through Steam is that there is no requirement for any CD or DVD to be kept in the drive, and you can play offline if you wish once the game has been updated.If you ever buy a new PC and/or reformat your hard drive, you simply have to download and reinstall the Steam Client, login to your account and you can instantly download and play your purchased games, so there's no concern over 'losing' your games.If however you want to back up your Steam games to CD or DVD, you can do this easily and legally from within Steam itself.Details of all these features are covered in the Steam section below.

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