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Has your relationship changed since you began doing porn yourself? Now that I know how it works, all the things that [would cause] a normal dude to say "Isn't this hard? The common [question is] "How do you date someone who has sex with other dudes? You're talking 14-hour days: You're exhausted whether you have sex or not. On the other days, we're just like any other couple. If I were a total political junkie and exactly the same as her, we'd be talking over each other. You'd expect porn stars to date other porn stars, if they are going to date anybody. We're all going to wear superhero costumes." I got in before all my friends did, grabbed a bottle of Cruzan rum, and went up to my room at the Hard Rock Hotel. Most of the other people at AVN are overweight porn fans, so you get a guy that knows how to talk to girls and is wearing a Captain America costume, having a great time, and girls are just loving it.

So people were like, "I saw your girlfriend in the news." I don't think she follows any stigma [when] it comes to porn; she's not [how] you would imagine a porn star. I've kind of had a stepwise progression into dating more and more sexual women.

She has a bad name, but it's really not like that at all! Lawyers and doctors, bartenders and cocktail waitresses and strippers, and then after that, I started dating porn girls. I've had a lot of experience with open relationships; I've had sex in sex clubs before.

I've been on set before and watched her get plowed by a big Russian cock and gave her a high five.

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Photo via Flickr user Alain_Christian Millions of teenaged boys fantasize about dating a porn star, but it takes a grown man with confidence, stamina, and balls to actually pull it off. To me, the music business is very similar to the porn industry.

I wanted to find out what type of guys are dating some of the dreamiest girls in porn, so I reached out to three of the lucky boyfriends. We might make a little dinner, walk the dog, and snuggle up. It was unfamiliar; the whole industry was something I didn't know anything about. Obviously as our bond strengthened and as I learned about this whole new world, it became more comfortable.

Aaron has been with punk princess Joanna Angel for three years. I design company websites; that's also how I [met] Joanna. I design all of her DVD and movie covers, all the posters that promote her company, all the merchandise. A mutual friend of ours set us up first for business and then we went from there. In the early days of your relationship, what was it like to be dating a porn star? So how did Joanna bring you over to the porn world?

While he works primarily as a graphic designer, he's now done nearly 30 films himself after being "brought over to the dark side" by his better half. Before dating Joanna I had no prior experience on that side of the camera. Basically, we were traveling and something happened with a hard drive.

Tyler, a student, dates America's favorite political parody star Sydney Leathers. And I'm not technically a porn guy; I still have my other career. A website needs to be updated regularly and something happened where the updates got lost. She was like, "We really need to put something up on the website.

His parents knew about the Weiner scandal before he did. Aaron: My real name is Aaron; my porno name is Small Hands. When it came time to fill out paperwork I was like "Oh, shit. You think you could make something happen [in our hotel room]? It wasn't something I was prepared for, but obviously I love my girlfriend, I love her company [Burning Angel], and she needed something. I will do my very best." We filmed something very simple in the hotel room; that was surprisingly pretty easy for me and I did a decent enough job. It's the most non-creepy thing, given what we're doing. I'm protective, but we have a lot of trust built up, or else it wouldn't work.

And Donald, a doctor and dating coach, is enjoying his own fairytale romance with the self-proclaimed "nastiest broad you will ever meet," Annie Cruz. I don't even have a name." So I just picked something that I thought would be funny, because you know the myth about small hands... It got a pretty good response so we [thought], Why don't I keep doing this because it helps the company? How does it affect your sex life when you've both been filming? On days that we're shooting, we're probably not going to have some kind of crazy two-hour long Kama Sutra sex. I think I had a skewed idea of how the porn industry works. The average porn viewer is not getting an accurate interpretation of what's going on. We do fully trust each other and tell each other everything. It was actually really cool; he was super respectful. I just went to chase a lot of hot girls and have a really good time.

Related: Check out our documentary on legendary porn star Belladonna. Joanna is not only a performer; she directs everything and she runs the company. We might make a little dinner, walk the dog, and snuggle up. We've talked about intimacy and it's not just sex; it's more about sharing the same goals and aspirations. I was reading about the scandal with the Indiana Congressman ("Bitch Boy") and read he wanted to watch you two have sex from a closet? On my birthday he said, "Happy birthday, Master Tyler." Are you ever going to do porn? But everyone thinks we must have the greatest sex life. VICE: When I first heard Annie was dating a doctor, I was surprised. A few days before I was supposed to head out to Vegas, I called a couple of my buddies and I'm like "Let's make this an even more stupid drunken time. " I threw on my Captain America costume and took a swig of rum.

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