Portugal dating customs

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This is a rest time caused by a baking sun and unbearable heat.In addition, Portuguese restaurants also follow the idea of passive lifestyle – most of them are closed by 10 PM.

Women prefer bouffant long skirts made of striped or checkered fabrics (known as saia), while men - shortened leggings (calsas), waistcoats and sombreros.

Kerchief is an obligatory part of the national costume of the Portuguese women.

Moreover, the national clothing style might vary regionally: from the rich and colorful costumes in Minho to the shy dresses and black kerchiefs in Coimbra.

Portugal people also can boast of national dances and music.

Portugal has a rich culture dating back to prehistoric times, seen in the colorful Celtic-influenced folklore of the north, in the Moorish-influenced Fado music, in its romantic language, distinctive architecture (including its dazzling azulejos and calçadas), painting and distinguished literature, not to mention its welcoming people who have spread its culture around the world ever since the Age of Discovery, and its intriguing History.

On the menu below you will find everything you need to know about Portugal's arts and culture, which may satisfy your curiosity about this fascinating country or enhance your visit in the future.

Every country possesses its distinctive features and traditions.

Throughout its history, Portugal was a powerful monarchy with multiple colonies, which nowadays turned into a small European country and an attractive travel destination.

Besides unique sightseeing spots, marvelous archipelagos and beaches, one should also be aware of Portuguese traditions, as far as a national mentality and customs might be advisable and reasonable while planning a trip to this country.

First of all, Portuguese people are pretty calm and dreamy people, in contrast to their neighbors – furious and emotional Spaniards.

Besides, Portuguese natives dislike to be compared to Spaniards or any other nation, as far as they strongly adhere to their historic heritage.

Deliberateness and uneventfulness are obvious attributes of the Portuguese in business and at work. So, there is no surprise if tourists clash with siesta phenomenon – from 12 AM – 3 PM all the institutions and shops are closed and phones remain silent.

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