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The play concerns an Oxford student dining club called "The Riot Club", a fictionalised version of the Bullingdon Club.

Their president, James, who is about to leave university, is falling out of love with the club and promises the suspicious landlord Chris and his waitress daughter Rachel that he will keep things under control.While James avoids his presidential duties, others vie for his position.Inspired by his godfather Jeremy, a former Riot Club member and now a Tory MP, Guy tries to impress the boys with a "ten bird roast'.Others are less restrained; one has hired Charlie the prostitute.When Charlie arrives she refuses to get under the table and perform oral sex on the boys; they are surprised at her scruples.As the members get more drunk and rowdy their bullying of each other and of Chris and Rachel gets worse.

They try to force Rachel to kiss them all; she runs out and they wreck the room.

Chris bursts in outraged and the members assault him, knocking him out.

Horrified, they panic and bar the door, despite the landlord being seriously hurt.

Hugo calls an ambulance, much to everyone else's discontent.

Eventually they all agree to pin the blame on Alistair, who has consistently riled them throughout the night.

They agree that, as they will all end up being successful, they will look after Alistair after university and make sure they 'see him right'.

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