Radiocarbon dating flaws

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Following the recent public exposition of the Holy Shroud of Turin (April 10–June 23, 2010), the world needs to be informed that the radiocarbon dating carried out on the artifact in 1988 were fatally flawed.That procedure was carried out on a sample only forty percent of which consisted of the original ancient linen cloth.

This serious oversight on the part of the experts resulted in the flawed results of 1988.The fact needs to reach the public, as the mass media continue to rely on those vitiated results.This amounts to an act of patent manipulation and disinformation.Determining the age of an artifact by the use of radioactive C14 is an exact and precise science so long as the sample tested is suitably prepared and analyzed.Every C14 isotope existing in a living or dead organism and plant can be counted.In the case of the Shroud we are dealing with the linen fibers out of which the fabric is woven.

For as long as the plant, animal, or person is alive, the level of radioactive C14 isotope within it remains constant, since a natural exchange of the element occurs through the feeding process.

This exchange ceases at death, after which the level of C14 isotope in the dead matter begins to drop. Scientists determine the age of an artifact by gauging the level of the C14 isotope present in it at the moment of death and by measuring the rate of its decay.

The present state of the technology allows us to determine the age of objects that are less than 50 000 years old.

The C14 method is most suitable for materials that are several thousands of years old.

In 1988 the C14 method was used to determine the age of the Shroud.

For this purpose a fragment of the linen was cut out in the area known as the “Raes Corner”—under the right side of the cloth bearing the ventral image. Gilbert Raes of the Ghent Institute of Textile Technology was allowed to remove for testing.) It was one of the two well-worn corners by which the bishops used to hold the linen outstretched for the perusal of the faithful during public expositions.

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