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WHEN independent local radio arrived in Scotland in 1974, its USP was its innovative localness, a broadcasting world away from the London voice of the BBC.

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The bigger commercial stations have also leaned heavily in the direction of syndicated celebrity shows coming from London or Manchester, whereby you can hear Emma Bunton on Scottish station Heart or Kate Garraway on Smooth?

And while we all love Jason Donovan, do Scots want to hear him link records on Heart from a studio 500 miles away?

Can Toby Anstis and co relate to being stuck in a traffic jam on the Kingston Bridge, or behind a tractor in Kingussie?

These changes beg the question of whether local radio stations and their audiences are still on the same wavelength, given the homogenisation of output, but the move to de-localise radio also points up a cultural dichotomy: while the nation is demanding increased autonomy, independent radio in Scotland is becoming more centralised.

Former Radio Clyde presenter Kevin Cameron believes Scotland is losing its voice – and the prognosis is serious.

“The major radio broadcasters Bauer Media [which owns the likes of Clyde, Tay, Northsound and Westsound] and Global [owner of Heart, Smooth Radio and Capital] are steadily moving away from homegrown presenters,” he says.

“Clyde 1 was originally committed to 20 hours a day broadcasting from within Glasgow, a rule set by Ofcom, and Clyde 2’s local output was 19 hours a day.

But from a total of 39 hours a day, it’s now down to 10, a 74 per cent reduction.” Cameron illustrates how the changes have come about.

“Radio Clyde once broadcast Tiger Tim’s evening slot, but when it was taken over by David Farrell, aka Romeo, it was networked across Scotland to seven stations who were left with this single Glasgow voice.

Then the Glasgow voice was dropped completely for someone from Manchester.

The idea is that radio companies save on the presenter’s fee, the cost of the producer who works on the show and the technical staff.” But does it really matter if the voice of local radio in Scotland is Mark Wright from TOWIE?

Do listeners in Edinburgh care if their evening broadcaster was born in Easterhouse?

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