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, Rebecca Solnit makes a radical case for hope as a commitment to act in a world whose future remains uncertain and unknowable.Drawing on her decades of activism and a wide reading of environmental, cultural, and political history, Solnit argues that radicals have a long, neglected history of transformative victories, that the positive consequences of our acts are not always immediately seen, directly knowable, or even measurable, and that pessimism and despair rest on an unwarranted confidence about what is going to happen next.

(for which she received a Guggenheim, the National Book Critics Circle Award in criticism and the Lannan Literary Award); and atlases of San Francisco and New Orleans.

A product of the California public education system from kindergarten to graduate school, she is a contributing editor to "No writer has better understood the mix of fear and possibility, peril and exuberance that's marked this new millennium.

Rebecca Solnit writes as independently as Orwell; she's a great muralist, a Diego Rivera of words.

Literary and progressive America is in a Solnit moment, which given her endless talent should last a very long time." —Bill Mc Kibben, founder of 350and author of changed my life.

During a period of pervasive cynicism and political despair, the first edition of this book provided me with a model for activist engagement that I have held dear ever since.

Today, as movements for climate, racial, and economic justice sweep the globe, its message is more relevant than ever.

In her inimitable and inspiring way, Solnit reminds us that social change follows an unpredictable path.

Despite all the obstacles, we must not lose sight of the fact profound transformation is possible. It provides succor and sustenance, fuel and fire, for those fighting for a more just world.” —Astra Taylor, author, “Rebecca Solnit is a national literary treasure: a passionate, close-to-the-ground reporter with the soul and voice of a philosopher-poet.

And, unlike so many who write about the great injustices of this world, she is an optimist, whose faith is deeply grounded in a knowledge of history.

This is a book to give you not just hope but zest for the battles ahead.” —Adam Hochschild, author, “Time and again she comes running towards you with a bunch of hopes she has found and picked in the undergrowth of the times we are living.

And you remember that hope is not a guarantee for tomorrow, but a detonator of energy for action today.” —John Berger, author, Praise for earlier editions: “Seemingly lost in the woods of deceit and banality, bereft of hope, we are confronted by Rebecca Solnit and her astonishing flashlight.

In a jewel of a book that is poetic in substance as well as style, she reveals where we were, where we are and the step-by-step advances that have been made in human rights, as we stubbornly stumble out of the darkness.” —Studs Terkel “In this inspired meditation on the very nature of action and the reasons one thing leads to another, Rebecca Solnit, with her customary intellectual penetration, freshness of expression, and high elegance, finds new springs of hope in dark times.” —Jonathan Schell “In this extraordinary book, Rebecca Solnit’s prose grows poetic wings that enable her to soar to a visionary height.

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