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Reconciliation dating - Sexporn dating

I have a problem related to a confusing and heart-wrenching breakup I had nearly a year ago.She was — is — one of the most wonderful Christian women I know, yet she broke up with me. I believe I “loved her truly with God’s love,” as my friends said.

The night before I went to visit her at college, she called me and told me to come prepared to talk. I stashed away everything I had that would remind me of her: gifts, mementos, photos.

But things I had little or no control over would remind me of her.

I prayed that God would make them stop if I was to move on, but they didn’t.

I wanted desperately for my heart to change, but it wouldn’t. It said I could email her but that the rest was up to Him.

I began to wonder if these reminders were from God, as if He wasn’t letting me run away from the issue. I began to wonder if I should say something to her about this, but I feared I might overstep my bounds and try to do God’s work for Him. Two-and-a-half weeks later, she wrote me back saying her mind was unchanged, that she didn’t think she could give me what I wanted. Finally, I wrote her an email confronting her on this and saying all the things I wanted to say since it seemed our friendship was doomed. Or should I pray I can love another woman like I did her?

So I asked God to either bring her and me back together as better people or to lead us both to someone else who was better, whichever brought Him the most glory. Some thought I was still hung-up on her, that once I met someone else I would be overcome with love for her and be over it. I was still confused, but I told her that I would accept her answer. She wrote me back a few days later and ended the letter by saying that she still believed in me and wanted to know what was going on in my life but that we should go our separate ways and “see what happens.” None of this makes sense to me. Second, because it seems my conduct has driven her away. Should I pray for reconciliation and, at the least, a restored friendship? I’m sorry this hasn’t worked out the way you had hoped.

I then asked if it was a good time to rebuild our friendship. I thought she was different from the other girls I’ve courted, but now I’ve lost her completely just like I did with every other girl I’ve liked. I know she means a lot to you, and those of us who’ve experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives can empathize with you.

It can be very painful and confusing, but it’s not the last chapter to be written.

Maybe I can offer some thoughts on helping this experience inform some of your journey ahead.

For starters, you made a statement early in your note about her being one of the most wonderful Christian women you know, “yet” she broke up with you, as if the two are a contradiction.

Maybe it just flowed off your keypad that way, but it’s worth reminding you that her ending a relationship with you does not at all bring into question her Christianity.

Many wonderful Christian singles end relationships with other wonderful Christians for any number of reasons.

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