Rhaka khan dating kurt angle

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Rhaka khan dating kurt angle - jehovah witness dating a non witness

There's a rumour around different wrestling-related sites saying that 8-time world champion Kurt Angle is currently dating Trenesha Biggers, best known as Rhaka Khan.Rhaka Khan (real name Trenesha Biggers) made her first public comments since ex-boyfriend Kurt Angle was arrested and charged with violating a protection from abuse order on Aug 15, telling a Pittsburgh television station that she doesn’t expect to continue working for TNA.

She later told Pittsburgh television station WPXI that she was told by someone in TNA’s talent relations department “that by filing the PFA that I was going to be forcing them to choose between the two of us. “I don’t know how I’m going to be around him anymore.

I have forgiven him so many times for what he’s done to me, and I’ve been around him and been fine, but now, on top of everything that he’s done to me, he’s gone and slandered me through the media.”Before Biggers’ comments had been reported, I asked TNA president Dixie Carter about Biggers’ status with the company during a phone interview Wednesday morning. Wednesday’s PFA hearing was postponed because family court was overbooked, according to The Post-Gazette, and attorneys for both sides negotiated for some time without reaching an amicable resolution.

Angle told WPXI last week that Biggers filed the PFA against him on Aug.

15 because “she wanted to get married” and he did not.

He said that they had been dating for “about nine or 10 months,” but that he had just broken up with her “for about the 10th time” and has asked her to move out of his house “50 or 60 times.” After Biggers filed the PFA, Angle said that he voluntarily left his residence.

Angle claimed that – unbeknownst to him – Biggers followed him to a Starbucks, and then called police and said that he was stalking her and violating the PFA order.

Angle learned Wednesday that he was able to return to his home, The Post-Gazette reported. To read The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story, click here.

Note: My interview with Carter, who discussed a variety of subjects, will be posted later tonight or early tomorrow.

Keith Lipinski sent in the following recap of Kurt Angle's appearance on the Howard Stern show.

-Pre-interview Former Special K member Fred The Elephant Boy rode the sybian while wearing a bikini after spending a half an hour talking about gay fantasies involving wrestlers and a very special "f--- marry kill" with Mick Foley, Angle and Hulk Hogan.

For those who care, he would marry Mick, f--- Kurt, and kill Hogan.

-Kurt came into the room, and saw this overweight, retarded man wearing a bikini on a huge sex toy and noted "he was doing good, until he got in here." Angle asked Elephant Boy how many titles Kurt had one, Elephant Boy said "three or four." Angle replied it was 12.

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