Rian dawson cassadee dating

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"So leaning into this tour—which takes us to the end of the year, which is supposed to be when the world ends—it just all felt very cohesive.So we rolled with the theme of, 'Hey, maybe we're all going to die soon, so let's have one last hurrah.'" [As you can tell from their demeanor in the interview above, they don't seem too concerned about the End of Days actually happening].

"Our drummer Rian [Dawson] and her are dating now and have been for a couple years.It's just one of those situations where we realized we never featured her on anything we've done and we were like, 'Why have we never put you on a song?' So for both songs she's featured on, she was just hanging out at the studio and we finally got her on the album."To hear Gaskarth geek out some more on sci-fi—including his thoughts on why the Borg from We know 2 Chainz knows his way around the kitchen, so it's not surprising to see him hanging out with cookbook queen Martha Stewart.In this amazing photo, 2 Chainz, Martha Stewart and Miami Heat's Chris Bosh pose for a photo in LA.Pop rock artist best known as the long-time drummer for All Time Low.The band released their debut album The Party Scene in 2005 and their third album Nothing Personal reached 4th on the US Billboard chart in 2009.

And speaking of All-Time Low: she's dating their drummer, Rian Dawson.

That's him on the far left, with Cassadee's Voice mentor Blake Shelton and her mom and sister.

And he was all about the rah-rah tweets throughout the competition. She's going to bring back the hey dey of early 2000s punk pop.

This isn't a fact, I'm just kind of deciding it myself.

But don't tell me you watched her sing with her heroine Avril Lavigne last night and didn't wish for that time back.

, which involves the world being blown up by aliens to make way for a lightspeed highway," sci-fi fanboy Gaskarth explains.

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