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He mapped sections of the river which subsequently became known as Macquarie River (Governor Macquarie named it after himself when he travelled through the area in 1811). As such it was a horse coach changing point, a town for the local garrison and an important destination for produce from the surrounding farms.

Ross Bridge Quite rightly the pride of the village this beautiful stone bridge was constructed by convicts in 1836.

It is the third oldest bridge still standing in Australia and is recognised as the most important convict-built bridge in the country.

It was constructed on the orders of Governor Arthur and designed by John Lee Archer.

Built by convicts its beautiful stonework is the result of two convict stonemasons - Daniel Herbert and James Colbeck. Herbert, who had been transported for highway robbery in 1827, was freed after the bridge was completed and is buried in the Old Cemetery.

Tasmania has an excess of beautiful and fascinating 19th century colonial towns.

Places like Campbell Town and Richmond are famous for their gift shops, their pretty vistas and their overt tourist appeal.

But, of all the early 19th towns, there is nothing quite the equal of Ross.

The secret is that the Midland Highway (the main route between Hobart and Launceston) by-passes Ross thus preserving the original, sleepy character of the town.

The great quality of Ross is that it has not been overly corrupted by modern tourism.

The town is very typically English and, with its warm Ross sandstone, is reminiscent of the towns which can be seen in the Cotswolds or in north Oxfordshire.

In many ways Ross is a town which has been held in aspic. Located 117 km north of Hobart and 78 km south of Launceston, Ross is 76 metres above sea level. Later that year a wooden bridge was built and by 1836 the stone bridge, one of the finest in Australia, was completed.

The district was first explored by Europeans in 1807 when the surveyor Charles Grimes travelled from the north to the south of Tasmania's central valley area. Throughout the nineteenth century Ross was an important stopover point between Launceston and Hobart.

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