Ryan gosling dating rachel

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Ryan gosling dating rachel - Dating site for bartenders

They are still very close."The source told Radar that the actress is thrilled about the baby. She's told friends and family she can't wait to meet the new member of the family and play the role of aunty.

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She's at that stage in her life where friends, family and exes such as Ryan are all popping out babies." So her single childless status was duly noted."It can't help but bring the families' focus on whether she will be a mother herself one day."Millions of fans were crushed when Rachel and Gosling broke up in 2008.She later dated Michael Sheen and Patrick Sambrook, a Canadian music manager.She was also linked to her True Detective co-star, Taylor Kitsch, in 2015, but they both denied a romance.star's younger brother, personal trainer Daniel Mc Adams, announced that he is expecting a baby boy later this year with his wife, Kristin.The bittersweet news was delivered just after it was revealed that Rachel's ex, fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling, had a second daughter with partner Eva Mendes.

Her brother and sister-in-law announced that the baby is due on September 2 via their baby gift registry website, saying: "Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for helping bring our baby boy into this world surrounded by love and happiness.

We really appreciate everything and all the help during this amazing time!!

Dan and I are so happy and excited to share this with you."Relatives were overjoyed at the baby news.

Patricia Adams left a message on Kristin's Facebook page, writing: "Congratulations to you and your husband for you know what! This is very exciting news and I am very joyful for you both! ""Rachel is very close to her family and friends from back home in Canada and spends as much time in Toronto as she can," a source close to Rachel told Radar.

"She and Dan used to share a semi-detached house together in a trendy area of the town until he got married.