Sara foster dating coach

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Sara foster dating coach - dating a wife in louisiana

I think Jennifer is one of the few WAGs who is more famous than her boyfriend.

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Miroslava Vavrinecor Mirca is the wife of Roger Federer.

Mirca was a professional tennis player before becoming Federer’s manager after they started dating.

Mirca has been the travelling companion of Federer for many years now.

14) Paula Kalini: Paula is the girlfriend of hard-hitting Canadian Milos Raonic.

The US open is about to finish, and you might have noticed a few beautiful faces in the players’ boxes along with the coaching staff.

Here is the list of the 20 most beautiful WAGs (Wives and/or Girlfriends) in tennis.

Before you go further, I warn you that after seeing it you might curse your luck and yourself for your non-tennis playing life.

20) Bec Cartwright-Hewitt: Bec is the wife of Aussie tennis star Lleyton Hewitt.

She is an Australian actress and singer, best known for her role of Hayley Smith Lawson in .

19) Zaira Nara: Zaira is the girlfriend of Argentine Juan Monaco. She was ranked 47 in the list of the world’s sexiest women in 2010 by FHM magazine.

Zaira dated Deigo Forlan before dating Juan Monaco. 17) Irina Davydenko: Irina is the wife of “Iron Man” Nikolay Davydenko.

18) Biljana Sesevic: Biljana is the wife of #2 Serb on the tour, Janko Tipsarevic. Proclaimed by many as the prettiest wife on tour when the couple married in 2007, Irina has accompanied Nikolay for many years now. 16) Jennifer Scholle: Jennifer is the girlfriend of American James Blake.

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