Satans attacks on dating christians

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Over the past few months I’ve been increasingly raising my voice in support of same-sex marriage – or “equal marriage” as I’ll call it from here on.

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I first spoke out in support of this during a Radio 2 interview with Clare Balding back in December of last year.My comments were very brief, but I said I believed that Christians didn’t have to choose between respecting the Bible and/or supporting equal marriage.I spoke about it again during a Sky News paper review last month, answering a direct question about whether Bible-believing Christians could endorse gay relationships.Then, during the weekend of the first same-sex marriages, I tweeted several messages wishing the couples well.Last week I was interviewed on LBC Radio and spoke in favour of equal marriage, related to Archbishop Welby’s LBC phone-in.Many of you from a non-religious background will think “Great, so what? Many ‘liberal’ Christians will also think “Great, so what?

” But for me, since sharing my views, (pardon the pun) all hell has broken loose. I’m now daily called a “heretic”, a “false prophet”, a “massive disappointment to the evangelical church” and many other names too inappropriate to print.

The same happened to evangelical Christian writers/speakers/broadcasters like Rob Bell in the States and Steve Chalke in the UK.

So having seen what they went through in the past few years, I was at least somewhat prepared for the responses. Because although I now mainly work in mainstream media, my church and family background is very conservative.

And because I spent the past decade living and working in American media, based mainly in the super-conservative “Bible-belt”.

If you know anything about American Christian culture, you’ll know it’s a huge operation/industry with a massive presence.

Much of it is great and makes a positive difference to the lives of many people.

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