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TLC's new series "Geek Love" (premieres with back-to-back episodes on Sun., Dec. (Fun fact: He met his girlfriend at one of his own sessions.) The ratio of geekdom is high at Comic-Con -- which is commonly referred to as the "Geek Super Bowl" or "Nerd Prom" -- making it the perfect place to meet someone like-minded. Of Love," as he runs sci-fi speed dating events at geek meccas like Comic-Con each year.

"But the goods are kind of odd."We've got an exclusive sneak peek at this sweet new show, which will feature plenty of characters (in costumes, no less).There's Gerald, nicknamed Chewie, who uses his Wookie mating call to impress the ladies; J.C., a "Star Wars" super fan whose Boba Fett costume cost him over ,000; and Sal, dressed as Iron Man, who only has one question for Ryan: "Is this going to be epic?Sci-Fi Speed Dating is a fun and safe way for geeks to kindle a romance.Sci-Fi Speed Dating has been a feature at cons all across the US and was even featured on TLC’s Geek Love.They will be hosting two events, one on each day of the party. You can read a news feature and watch videos about Sci-Fi Speed Dating here.

This weekend was Awesome Con DC, Washington, DC’s first comic convention.While the convention was small as far as vendors and panels go, the turn-out was large!Something that immediately caught my eye on the program page of my guidebook was “Sci-Fi Speed Dating”. They give you a badge (pink for women, blue for men) with a number on it. While you wait, they keep the men and women separated.Turns out, it is the same speed dating service featured on the TLC show “Geek Love”, and this company travels to conventions all over the country to give us geeks a chance at finding our matches made in Con Heaven. I was so determined to make it to this event, I had badge number one. It felt a little awkwardly reminiscent of the bathroom lines they make you stand in when you’re in grade school. You get to spend time scoping out the guys standing in lines on the opposite wall, and talking with the ladies. Ladies stay in their seats, we get three minutes with each person.I knew that this was something I had to give a try. I shared a lot of giggles with the other women and it was so much fun getting to connect with them in a mostly male dominated setting. No names are given out – just the number on our badges. If you like the person and want to connect with them later you write their badge number on your 3×5 note card.The host and owner of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, Ryan Glitch, is a great guy with huge personality and an even bigger heart.