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"I loved it at first, the attention from girls and I deluded myself into thinking I was really attractive," he admits."Like every young guy I had to learn from my mistakes. "It was a really dark period and I couldn't cope because I'd had so much success so young, thinking I was so obviously great. "My dad was so desperate for me to succeed, yet even he didn't believe I could do Shakespeare.

And what fame means is you're sitting in a restaurant with your family and your grabbed by the arm out the chair and asked by some big bloke to 'Come 'ere and get your picture taken wiv' my bird'. My family – a large Catholic family – and friends, were telling me I needed to just shut up moaning and get my act together." But getting out of the showbiz wasn't an option. '" Sean worked hard in the States and now lives in Studio City, also home to George Clooney and William Shatner.But the actor's career hasn't been a continuing fairy story."I had dark year in 2009, split with my manager of 10 years and my girlfriend. "But I did a show (Krod Mandoon) with director Alex Hardcastle and we really hit it off.He's now my writing partner, and we've now written a movie which is in development and a TV sitcom." He adds wryly: "Acting is like being in a beauty pageant every day – it's beyond your control – but writing is so liberating, it's something we can do every day." The very likeable Londoner went on to star in Songs For Amy, in which he plays a struggling Irish musician, also called Sean, who writes songs hoping to win back Amy, the lady he's lost (Lorna Ferguson). "My parents ran an Irish dance school in London," he rewinds, "and I was one of six kids.ACTOR Sean Maguire's experience in recent years would make a great screenplay itself.The former East Enders heartthrob who went on to chase pop stardom – and didn't quite catch it – found himself with a career going nowhere and staring at a phone that rarely rang.

To compound matters, the actor, now starring in ITV's Scott & Bailey playing a dim cop, had moved to Los Angeles to develop his career – but split with his management company.

Sean was reduced to joining very long audition queues in the hope of gaining small parts.

Then, when it looked as though things couldn't get any worse, the almost 37-year-old broke up with his long-term girlfriend.

"It wasn't a great time," says the actor, who recently starred in comedy love story film Songs For Amy, alongside Ford Kiernan, Lorna Anderson and Gavin Mitchell.

"But you have to battle through and hope things work out." Sean Maguire has acted since the age of five, going on to star in Grange Hill and East Enders as Aidan.

But he admits he couldn't cope with the price of fame.