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PRONUNCIATION: GHIN-ee-uhns LOCATION: Guinea POPULATION: 6–7 million, another 2 million living abroad LANGUAGE: French; Pulaar (Fulfulde); Susu; thirty African languages RELIGION: Islam; Christianity; traditional religions People have lived in the land now known as Guinea since the Stone Age.

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In 1993, the first presidential elections in Guinea's history involving more than one party were held.However, the widespread evidence of cheating raised questions about the winner's right to rule.Guinea is somewhat smaller than the state of Oregon.It shares borders with Guinea-Bissau and Senegal to the north, with Mali and Côte d'Ivoire to the east, and with Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south.Guinea's population is young—44 percent of its people are fourteen years old or younger—but it is growing more slowly than that of most African countries.Estimates place the total population between six and seven million.

Another two million Guineans live outside the country.The population density is highest in the capital, Conakry.To the east live the Fulani (also known as the Peul), who, with 36 percent of the total population, are considered the largest ethnic group in the country.The second largest group, the Malinke, live in eastern Guinea.The third largest group, the Susu, are concentrated in the west and along the coast in the areas around Conakry.The peoples of Guinea speak thirty languages, including the colonial language, French.

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