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Sex chat no flashplayer - International hot chat without login

Lately I was having some troubles with saving an image sent from Flash to my server.

I really took some time to think about any scenario when this could be useful but yea..anyways, I needed to save my bitmaps on the server and each file has to have a unique filename.So each time I press "Save" in my Flash-Application an image is uploaded to my server.Okay, so now a third button comes into play which will send the current Snapshot to a PHP file.To do so you have to encode the snapshot's Bitmap Data to a Byte Array.Luckily Mike Chambers created an awesome library called "as3corelib" which you can download from Git Hub.

Simply extract the file and copy the "src/com" folder to your project directory (or set it up as a Linked Library in FDT.So, the function encodes the Bitmap Data to a JPEG with a pretty high quality (90/100) and sends it to a PHP file.Therefore it uses an URLLoader and a specific URLRequest which determines a plain 8-bit stream and the Byte Array we want to send.In addition to writing the data to a file with a unique timestamp as name it echoes the path to the stored image.We're already waiting for this response with the Event. There you go, you've uploaded a Webcam screenshot to your server.The unique filename is returned to Flash so you can now use it for an URLRequest.

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