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I used couhsurfing on my Route 66 Road trip, as well as my drive back East across the North of the U. Here is my couchsurfing search hint: If you are looking to see culture and aren’t particularly worried about which town it’s in, search by who the person is first when you then Google their city to see if It’s somewhere you’d like to go.In Fergus Falls I stayed at a hippie chic home on a beautiful lake (below).

You can find cheap hostels all over the world, sometimes under . For cheap hostels, I use Hostelworld but for guesthouses, cute bnbs, or great deals on hotels I use Agoda.

If you want that experience of staying with someone but want it a little more safe or legit, you can try airbnb which is amazing and has reviews as well. Especially that time my host picked me up from the police station.

Some places have wifi passwords and information to the house written out for you because they have CS’ers come by so often.

I’ve CS’ed in Arkansas, Montana, Minnesota, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Delhi, Agra, Bombay, multiple cities in Spain and Holland, Switzerland, Albania, Czech Republic, Greece, and so many more!

By searching profiles, you can stay with strangers (for free! I have made long-lasting friends from crashing on their couches.

I have seen small towns and huge cities from a local’s view.

I rarely have a bad experience with Couchsurfing (CS), but I’m going to tell you the good, bad, and ugly as well as 9 tips for safe couchsurfing (click to jump to the bottom of the post).I have surfed all over the world, half of the places I have been alone! Couchsurf requests aren’t the only helpful thing, sometimes a CS message can be very beneficial.I used CS messaging to make friends when I moved to Charlotte and didn’t know anyone.I know it sounds creepy, and the one that lied about his age (16) was creepy.But the rock climber dude and silk aerial chick are still my friends today!Some of my all time favorites were in small towns that I would’ve have seen without the organization.