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Anyways just like any other Xaverian, their favourite past-time was to rate in terms of hotness anybody who entered from the back gate on a scale of 1 to 10. Since then they had started chatting almost everyday. He had impressed her with his witty remarks and she liked the way he was trying to flirt with her online.He had given her his mobile number but she refused to give him hers.

Only a few months back Rahul had bought a computer and had got an internet connection at home.

Back then he had 40 GB Hard Disk, 512 MB RAM and his net-speed was 256 kbps.

Even with this configuration he felt like the king of the world while surfing through the web.

Today he has 2 TB Hard Disk, 4 GB RAM, and his net-speed is 2 mbps, but somehow he still is not happy. Anyways that particular Saturday weather also had an effect on Amrapali too.

This is an imaginary story about a boy and a girl who had their first date on Park Street.

Ten years later they again decided to recreate that special day.

Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. In this kind of a weather, one should not attend classes.

It would have been an act of sin against nature to attend boring and outdated political science lectures in such a wonderful weather.

Even the Professors should be given a break because of the natural feel-good factor all around.

In this kind of a weather, the English Professor should have taken romantic poetry classes on the huge Xaverian playground and should have discussed the finer details of the romantic poems of Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley and Keats. , which was like the official adda-zone of Xavier's.

In this kind of a weather, another English Professor saw him and immediately understood that he was bunking classes. A friend from the English department also joined him.

However the grand old man also realized the romanticism of the weather and understood that in this kind of a weather it was a student's birth-right to bunk classes. She was a bit tomboyish and could have also been a closet-lesbian in those days.

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