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Sex dating in lost cabin wyoming

Its residents also clearly had their priorities in order early on, having built the state's first winery on the grounds back in the late 1700s.

[See more...] Where: Guilford Built: 1639 The oldest stone colonial house in America looks pretty damn good for nearly 400 years old.

It was primarily constructed to be the home of the Puritan minister for whom its named, but doubled as a fort to protect the town's residents from attacks.

[See more...] Where: Lewes Built: 1665 Named for the first chief justice of Sussex County, this stately spot in "the first town in the first state" was one of the first inns in the region, and is most definitely the first place I'd stop and to snap a selfie in front of if I ever happened to be in Delaware. Augustine Built: 1672 The oldest masonry fort in the States, it was built back when Florida was a part of the Spanish empire.

Under US control, it served several purposes, the least awesome of which was as a military prison to incarcerate members of various Native American tribes.

You may think your pre-war building is looking a little worse for wear these days, but it's a fresh-faced youngster compared to some of this country's oldest standing structures.

And since respecting those who've come before us is the stand-up thing to do, we've rounded up America's architectural elders state by state.

Of course, due to some record-keeping discrepancies there's no doubt some of these might be a bit...

Where: Huntsville Built: 1812 Some part-time historians question whether this, or Ardmore's Joel Eddins House, is actually the oldest, though there's no arguing that sweet Jude has most certainly aged more gracefully.

[See more...] Where: Kodiak Built: 1808 The oldest of four surviving buildings constructed by the Russians back when Alaska was its territory, it now houses the Baranov Museum, which focuses primarily on the history of Kodiak, the Aleutian Islands, and fending off bears, probably. It's widely considered to be one of the finest examples of Spanish Colonial architecture in America and remains a pilgrimage site, attracting nearly a quarter million visitors every year.

[See more...] Where: Norfolk Built: 1829 This two-story dogtrot-style log cabin was the first permanent courthouse for Izard County, and is the building from which American legend Sam Houston's brother served as county clerk.

When court was in session, families from all around would reportedly camp on the courthouse grounds to socialize and play games, presumably oblivious to the fact that having to go to court totally sucks.

[See more...] Where: San Juan Capistrano Built: 1782 The mission is home to the Serra chapel, which continues to serve regular Sunday mass, and is the State's oldest building still in use.

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