Sex role play chat bot

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launched Cortana in 2014, a good chunk of early queries were about her sex life, according to Microsoft's Deborah Harrison.It turns out people feel very comfortable talking freely with text and voice assistants.

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A side effect of creating friendly female personalities is that people also want to talk dirty, confess their love, role play or bombard them with insults. "If you say things that are particularly a**holeish to Cortana, she will get mad," said Harrison during a talk at the Re•Work Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco last week.

"That's not the kind of interaction we want to encourage." Harrison is one of eight writers who creates Cortana's dialogue in the U. In addition to writing jokes and coming up with casual banter, her team has to figure out the best way to shut down vulgar conversations. She has a female avatar and is voiced by human woman Jen Taylor.

But the writers are conscious about avoiding female-assistant stereotypes.

Cortana isn't self-deprecating and avoids saying sorry.

"We wanted to be very careful that she didn't feel subservient in any way ...

or that we would set up a dynamic we didn't want to perpetuate socially," said Harrison.

Not all assistants will take the same firm approach.

Robin Labs, which makes a voice-assistant for drivers, thinks there might be a market customizing personalities.

CEO Ilya Eckstein says there is a high demand for an assistant personality that's "more intimate-slash-submissive with sexual undertones." Robin has held more than 100 million conversations.

Looking through the data, Eckstein found people fall into a few basic categories.

Some like lots of friendly banter, others want just the facts with no sass.

Apparently one group is quite fond of making Robin repeat profanities in her soft female voice.