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They can be emitted directly into the air during any process involving burning or combustion, including activities around the home (, smoking, space heating, and open burning) and those involving motor vehicles, various engines, power plants, and other such sources.

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These gasses come from the same sources noted above.

They also come from the evaporation of fuels and household and industrial solvents.

This variety of gasses and direct particle emissions results in a mixture of fine particles with different sizes, chemical properties, and health and environmental impacts.

Fine particle levels are highest on warm, sunny days and on clear, calm winter mornings.

The display panel for the visibility data shows the air pollution and meteorological conditions associated with the photograph.

These data are collected at the site of the camera or at another location within the scene of the photograph.

As you look at the scene and check it against the visibility data, you may wonder if the scene is as clear as it could be or if haze or fog is affecting the view.

Here are some tips to help you interpret what you are seeing.

To learn more about the pollutants and meteorological conditions, please read on.

Each of the types of data and its relation to visibility are described further below.

Note that some CAMNET sites do not measure all of these variables.

Fine particles, also called particulate matter (PM), are a mix of microscopic solids and liquids.

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