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Beyonce performs during the halftime show of the NFL Super Bowl XLVII football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Feb. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) I'm sure you've seen the 31-year-old singer's Superbowl leather and lace onesie by New York-based designer, Rubin Singer. Singer is a favorite of starlets who gravitate toward the sleek and the daring, but he's relatively unknown to the rest of us.He must have had a very busy January as he also designed fellow Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams' outfits, plus the dozens of on-stage dancers.

It featured a deep-V - but not a bit of cleavage was visible.The slight peplum detailing was fashioned from lace - you can't get more lady like than that. She wore flesh-colored fishnet stockings with booties - not pumps, but booties. And the knee-high socks were Catholic school naughty. (I hope the costume designers on the set of HBO's There is other evidence of Bey's grown-up sexy emerging.She's on the February cover of GQ magazine in a look that shows more than a hint of bootie and boobs.On the 16th of this month, HBO will air a Bey documentary, whole truth.She can't risk opening the floodgates of criticism.It's got to be a lot of pressure keeping such a picture-perfect image and her hip hop czar husband, Jay-Z, happy.

(You know he must have felt like a king when she was on stage.) Beyonce has already weathered a bit of criticism from Sunday's performance, with all of that writhing on the floor. But I think Beyonce, like the zillions of other entertainers before her who found themselves evolving into full blown womenhood before our eyes, use their clothes to speak for them when they just can't.So on Sunday night when she had American men's full attention, she picked an outfit that said: You can't keep me in a box. I may have been on the scene for a while, but I'm still sexy and still relevant.I may not be able to tell you everything, I want to, but I will not be ignored!What’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt looking for in the perfect woman? If you’re naughty, she might let you stay up past your bedtime to find out what being naughty really means.A banging body and a “life’s a party” attitude, right? Joseph knows what’s really hot: a woman who enjoys a relaxing read, preparing healthy meals, and has proven she can take care of raising a child. Valerie Concepcion gamely sampled sexy dance moves from the Vhong Navarro movie "Supahpapalicious," which she starred in as leading lady, during her guesting on "Banana Nite" on Friday.

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