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Here is an interesting assertion making the rounds on every MJ board and site, supposedly it's been attributed to a former employee by the name of Frank Tyson a.k.a.

He was prominent during the 2005 trial and allegations, defending MJ publicly unwaveringly.But another supposition claims that it is in fact by a former Chief of Security who had retired by 2002 - Wayne Nagin perhaps?Nagin is a well-beloved bodyguard who had retired by September of 2001 due to health reasons, it seems he is well-regarded by many MJ fans who have met him in the past.Now, this is a letter/post is sourced from the The National Enquirer and was in response to the Scott Thorson allegation. (Note: There come here some comments about several girlfriends he had but I think the language is not proper, so I don't publish it.) An this is the summary: 1.Please visit its blog March 31, 2010 Shocking isn't it?How can a man known for asexuality be associated with such a term?

Well, perhaps the surprise lies more on what's been told to us rather than what could be a likely reality.Think back and recall, what exactly lead you to believe Michael Jackson was asexual? A 12 year old (at the time of the courtship) with a distant philandering father who overlooked the welfare of his children - so why take a word of a woman who…..Forget the rumors of homosexuality, I won't even bother covering or grazing that, so back on topic - where does this assumption lie? Or is it the fact that MJ has never had a publicized romantic interlude without a raised eyebrow? let's be honest, has her own very well-publicized issues? A nifty one here, the epitome of ethereal beauty back in the late 70s/early 80s who just so happens had the HOTS for Michael Jackson at the time, or so Randy Taraborelli claims.But why would such a buxom beauty deny this love affair in the 90s, as Tatum did back in the 80s (NOTE: Tatum's idea of a relationship is limited to a sexual one, long gone are the romantic and intense witty dialogue of Jane Austen's courtship, one night stands will do)?Well, perhaps a recollection of the events in the 90s surrounding Michael Jackson will do.I have my own theories but I'd rather let you come to your own, so I'll merely post articles, interviews & reflections of my case.