Singapore dating government

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Singapore dating government

CLIENT ASSURANCE We are a government-accredited dating agency by SDN (Social Development Network) under MSF (Ministry of Social and Family development).

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In 2009, the number of marriages rose for a sixth successive year. Statistics also show that both men and women are marrying later. [Source: S Mustafa, Today, June 18, 2010] Muslims in are allowed to have up to four wives.

For men, the average age when they take their marriage vows is now 29.8 years. For other groups marriage is defined by law as monogamous.

In a 2001 Time sex survey 79 percent of males and 80 percent of females said that monogamy was important to them; and 38 percent of males and 36 percent of females said it was important to marry a virgin.

The percentage of unmarried Singaporeans over the age of 35 increased from 19 percent in 1990 to 30 percent in 2000.

Three days of paid leave is promised to newlywed couples.