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Smith after my recording process was coming to the end and I just wanted something that felt fun. Smith is a drum driven producer so his stuff is real loud and impactful.

The song is about getting back on your feet when you feel like you’ve been knocked over. When everyone was telling her “you can’t, you can’t, you can’t,” she did it anyway.

Everyone goes through those moments and this is the kind of record that celebrates when you’re back on your shit. It’s something you can turn on before you go out and conquer the world but you’re not going to be like, “Yeah, smoke some weed and get ratchet for this! It makes you feel empowered and the guys in the video move with the shape and style of the song. “Conqueror” is blowing up, especially with its role in the film and you performed it at The New York Children’s Gala.

You have two amazing male dancers in your “Conqueror” video. Is that why you had Misty Copeland do a different version of the video? Did you feel like it would have such a huge impact on people?

Well yeah, not to sound cocky but I don’t write or sing records that I don’t think people would feel.

Grammy award-winning singer Estelle is more in tune with herself than ever before.

Crafting her songs to match the raw emotions she experiences in life and on tour, she creates music that’s a pure extension of herself.

Her latest singles “Conqueror” and “Something Good” off of her upcoming album represent strong and uplifting stories of an artist who has made it through the industry a little bruised but always looking forward.Though she’s had much success starting out with co-signs from Kanye West and John Legend, she explains her apprehension for those who are starting out in the industry today.She also talks about how You Tube and Sound Cloud are the new hustle and why having a strong sense of self is necessary to survive in this business.I’d like to talk about “Conqueror” and “Something Good” and the positive message they convey. Maybe that’s the dream collaboration: you and Kendrick? What kind of what advice do you have for musicians who are coming up right now? My entire life I went with my strongest gut feeling no matter how many people told me “no”.How did these songs speak to you personally while you were recording them? I would go with it anyway and everything would fall into place.“Something good,” I wrote that record in Atlanta with [producer] D. Go with your gut and have a very strong sense of self.

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