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Ofurnc U Mniuetaitg Hibratg atljaca, Sfwu fork THE JAMES VERNER SCAIFE COLLECTION CIVIL WAR LITERATURE THE GIFT OF JAMES VERNER SCAIFE CLASS OF 1889 1919 The date shows when this volume was taken. All books most be re- turned at end of college year for inspection and repairs. It is true that the brief term of service of the Twelfth, by comparison with the longer terms of several Rhode Island regiments, may seem small, yet the service it ren- dered during its ten months in the field was high up in the scale of active duty and efficiency with that of the veteran yi PREFACE regiments to which it was attached. He could see the troops gathering in the streets of the city and the dark masses, under Franklin, two miles away to his right moving out past the Ber- nard House, and also Stoneman moving down the Falmouth Hills. One of the smallest divisions of the command (General Meade's) led the attack. On the 15th my comrades and myself interested in our particu- lar house, realizing that we were on the verge of collapse, ad- journed business until such time as we felt better able to con- tinue, as we found, upon encountering the heavy timbers at hand, that we had engaged in very laborious work, the hauling of the logs to our camp, some quarter of a mile or more, reminding us quite forcibly of our experience poling hay across the bog- meadows and marshes of Rhode Island, at home, with thermom- eter ranging from SB'' to l OO"' in the shade, an occupation desig- nated by one of our townsmen as "soul-carting." The 16th, it commenced storming, thus putting a stop to house building operations, but the Elizabeth and Helen having arrived, our boxes and packages from home were soon afterwards brought to camp and distributed among the eager and expectant recipi- ents.

Students must return all books before leaving town. The Twelfth was a nine-months regiment, but it re- mained in the service for fully ten months. William Sprague was governor of our State when the regiment was formed, and by his superior execu- tive abi Uty and ardent patriotism he caused to be brought together and duly officered and equipped a thousand or more men, who, like the other military organizations from this State, which he had been so instrumental in placing • on a war footing, rendered valiant service in upholding and defending the honor and integrity of the nation. It is true he was not versed in military science, but he was possessed of those qualities of mind and heart which made him a most popu- lar and acceptable commander. James Shaw, Jr., who was an officer of very superior skill and knowledge in military tactics and affairs, the regiment had all of the advantages necessary to a suc- cessful career. It was a sheltered po- sition where their rifles and muskets could sweep the level plain towards the town. My contribution of one-half a barrel of apples from home, came to hand in good condition and received prompt attention.Officers should arrange for the return of books wanted during their absence from town. The praise which was bestowed upon the regiment in the formal and official orders which appear in the following history, from commanders occupying high positions, show PREFACE VU the character and standing attributed to it by those who were best competent to judge. Around Marye's House, behind earthworks, his heaviest cannon and howitzers were in position. One barrel addressed to Company F was turned upon the ground in the company street and was immediately taken caxe of.Volumes of periodicals and of pamphlets are held in the library as much as possible. Although the services which fell to the lot of the regi- ment to perform were especially trying and exacting to new beginners, yet they cheerfully and manfully accepted the situation and, by strict obedience to orders and the faithful discharge of whatever duty was imposed upon them, showed that they were of the stuf E of which good soldiers are made. The Wash- ington Artillery, which fought at Bull Run, through all the bat- tles on the Peninsula and at Antietam, was there. Meagher's brigade was called upon to change posi- tion. Saturday, the 21st, our colonel ordered all log huts leveled and taken off the ground. New A tents were issued and put up at once, having just time to pitch them before it commenced raining.For special pur- poses they are given out for a limited time. This fact is well illustrated in many of the trying vicissitudes related in the following history, but perhaps in no one of them more signally than in the famous march of the regiment from Nicholasville to James- town, Kentucky, a distance of fully one hundred miles, which it made in six days under a broiling sun and over dusty roads. It was just nine o'clock when Meade moved from his position near the Bernard House ; crossing the ravine which comes down from the hills dividing the Bernard and Smithfield estates and continuing on to the old Richmond road, was then obliged to 36 HISTORY OF THE TWELFTH REGIMENT halt, and wait for his artillery to pass, while the pioneers then under fire from the enemy's batteries, bridged ditches, cut away hedges, etc., thus enabling the artillery to reach assigned posi- tion, where, on a knoll to the left of the First Brigade, the gun- ners, here having a good view of the rebel batteries across the plain, opened on the enemy. We instinctively grasped our muskets with a firmer hand as hurriedly past our line from the right a messenger descends the slope in front of us, approaches General Meagher, delivers his message, urging his horse to greater speed as, turning away, he retraced his course. His men, with sober, de- termined faces, all attention: a brief address, they fall into line, the general turning his horse leads the way. In the night it snowed, and the follow- ing morning it rained again, continuing through the day.Borrowers should not use their library privileges for the benefit of other persons. And when the arms were stacked and the roll was called, at the end of that never-to-be-forgotten journey, every man was found to be at his post. Winchester, formerly Second Lieutenant of Company B . They ascend the slope to the street and, rapidly passing along the right of our line, are lost to view. Upon the whole, the regiment was better off for the new tents, as many of the boys, having nothing but the shelter tent were poorly pro- vided for, but for those disposed to provide better quarters, the change was submitted to with an ill grace.Books of special value and gift books, when the giver wishes it, are not allowed to circulate. HISTORY OF The Twelfth Regiment Rhode Island Volunteers THE CIVIL WAR 1862-1863 Prepared by a Committee of the Survivors, IN 1901-4 Snow & Farnham, Printers and Publishers Providence, R. Probably few regiments covered more miles on foot, ■during the same length of time, than did the Twelfth. Ballou 180 PART THIRD Memories and Memoranda of the Twelfth Rhode Island Regiment in General and Company B in Particu- lar. In the meanwhile General Sumner with his staff took position at the Lacy House, from which he could have a full view of the movements of his division in the assault upon the heights. that General Meade's opportunity came to pierce the rebel line, gaining a decided advantage on the left. Wednesday, the 25th, the Ninth Army Corps, here encamped, passed in review before General Dix.

Readers are asked to re- port all cases of bool^ marked or mutilated. I Cornell University j) Library The original of tiiis book is in tine Cornell University Library. I- The Committee appointed to prepare this History con- sisted of the following named members of the Regiment, viz. Notably, during the spring and summer of 1863, although footsore and sweltering under a tropical sun, the regiment, scarcely without rest, was chasing the ubiquitous guerilla Morgan up and down the State of Kentucky to head off his threatened raids across the Ohio. 163 Reminiscences op the Twelfth Rhode Island Volun- teers — From Falmouth to Kentucky. At this juncture French's division was ordered in by General Sumner to be followed and supported by Hancock. Saturday, March the 14th, we took part in a sword presenta- tion, — Company F presenting its captain with a beautiful sword, revolver, and sword belt, etc. Our second lieutenant, who had lately received his commis- sion and assignment to Company F, was also presented with sword, sword belt, revolver, cap, etc., from kind friends at home.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Indeed, so constantly Tvas it on the march, from one point to another, that it ■came to be familiarly known as " The Trotting Twelfth." The history which the committee has prepared is a com- posite one. French's division was represented by the brigades of Kimball, Anderson and Palmer; Hancock's by the brigades of Zook, Meagher and Caldwell. while taking new position at the rear of the town being observed by the rebels drew their fire, but not until the advance of French's and Han- cock's divisions did we fully realize the situation. The money was raised by the com- pany, and the articles were purchased by J. These were also brought on from Rhode Island by Mr.

And a goodly number of the survivors of the Twelfth Regiment now feel that they owe it to the memory of the many who have departed this life, as well as to the honor of the few who still remain, to do likewise. Two roads run up the hill from the town to the west ; the Gordonsville plank road, and the Orange turnpike. Marye's house stands between them upon the hill, a fine brick dwelling with beautiful lawn sloping towards the city. These boats needed no praise, and were particularly expected to speak for themselves.

The Committee organized by the election of Pardon E . Many, if not most, of the other regiments and military organizations which went forth from this State have put into enduring form a record of their deeds and experiences while in the service of their country. Opposite the city, across the plain, on the rebel left, in front of Sturgis's posi- tion, was Longstreet's corps, with Anderson's division on Stain- bury Hill, and Ransom's division on Marye's Hill directly in the rear of the town. General Meade's line was advancing in the direction I prescribed in my first order to General Frank- lin. Included in this fleet were three gunboats of the Monitor pattern.

COMPILER'S PREFACE Although forty years have elapsed since the Twelfth Kegiment Rhode Island Volunteers was mustered out of the military service of the United States, no permanent history of the part which it took in the Civil War has yet been written. The main attack was to be made by General Franklin's divisions. Stoneman was moving to his support with 20,000, while Butterfleld, with the Fifth Corps, could be called up to aid, if needed. • If the Monitor had not come to the rescue, instead of the noble vessel lying now before us, she would doubtless have presented the same sorry figure as the Congress and Cwnierland, undoubtedly sharing the same fate.

Each contributor has in his own way related the experiences, and characterized the services rendered by the regiment from his own standpoint, and has added yiii PBEPACE thereto such personal incidents and reminiscences as seemed to him pertinent and proper in connection there- with. Kimball's brigade led, while the whole force in turn moved rapidly to the assault. Then came the roar of artillery marking the time, when, moving from the shelter of the town, they encountered the murderous fire from the enemy so strongly entrenched along the heights, supplemented by the sharp cracking of rifles and musketry, as rebel regiments and sharpshooters in advance of their main defences put in their deadly work. Clarke who had just returned to his regiment after an absence of two weeks.

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