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And check out Five Reasons why you should attend a FREE Live AFA Seminar! I was bored recently so I joined DIA and here is my story..... It must be what any decent looking women in USA encounters with online dating here.

Despite getting a 150 messages a day to my inbox, I was quite dissapionted with the results. Lots of moronic spam from guys playing the numbers game hoping to get lucky.

I even had a woman from thailand offer me a luxury car if I would marry her, she owned 3 companies. It really is a good way to show any guy who doesn't believe the differences abroad versus the USA dating scene. You can feel that way but you are not breaking any laws whether natural or man- made.

I was warned repeatedly while chatting with filipinas, that filipinas are very cunning when it comes to hooking up, just to get any guy to marry them. Just have them make a profile on POF and DIA and see the difference. I just think I'll feel like a child molester holding hands with a woman that looks like my granddaughter and my penis is the size of her leg! The lady is of age, is a young adult and is ready to procreate.

I would guess that at least 95% of the women on this site are not wife material for a variety of reasons. and even if I did, I would save it for a girl I spent time with, not a girl I just met online. And yes, in America you would be called all kinds of names, but you should leave that at the airport.

The most signifcant reason is the best woman are rarely advertised. In the West in general, because people are supposed to be equal- you will be an object of intense jealousy fueled hatred- older men will hate you because they have to sleep at home with their prune-face wives with saggy breasts. I am 50 and I have no problem dating 18-24 year old's and again, I am not doing anything illegal or immoral.

Weeding out the bad ones can be done by asking certain questions. Rosalie Romero: love Me: can you send me more pics? Older women will hate you because that lady makes them feel like crap. Keep in mind that older, more established men have been dating/marrying younger women for tens or hundreds of millennia.