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Site for dating and marriage in israel - euro dating gallery

It makes sense that the Jewish State has begun to develop its own “pick up artist” (PUA) industry, a community of men (and a few women) who teach clueless guys how to turn a woman on.Jewish men, like Ross Jeffries and Neil Strauss, have pioneered the now saturated PUA industry in the US, although in my interview with Neil Strauss last May, he said Jewish men don’t necessarily need pick up advice more than other ethnic groups (I’m sure some Jewish women would beg to differ).

A few years ago, Koron left his job in the world of sales to master the art of relating to and attracting women and to spread the art in Israel.

I met with Tomer when I visited Tel Aviv this past summer, and over e-mail, he discussed (in Hebrew) the differences between the ways American guys and girls “pick up” and like to be “picked up.” Here’s the translation: How are Israeli women different to “pick up” than American girls?

Israel women are rightly considered among the hardest-to-get of the female race when compared to Latin, European, Asian and American women.

There are many reasons for this: army service, which makes many of them “manlier” and tougher; family and social pressure to be “independent” and “strong”; a high sense of self-worth and pride that doesn’t always match their appearance or personality; initial sexual experiences at a relatively later age; and, of course, the “Israeli bubble” in which everyone knows everyone, and which is quick to label women who come across “too easy” as a “slut” or “whore.” Compared to American women, for example, Israeli women demand a special kind of treatment from men who go after them.

Israeli women don’t have patience—they’re always rushing and they have a very fast pace (of walking, talking), which requires suitors to consistently demonstrate skills such as assertiveness, improvisation, concentration and focus, attentive listening, emotional self-expression, and the proper reading of body language.

Second, Israeli women are very, very loyal (until marriage at least) to their man, whether they are going out for two weeks, two months, or two years.

Israeli society is very conservative and family-oriented, and the chance of getting a girl that’s taken – again, compared to American women – is close to none.In the US, the phrase “I have a boyfriend” is a recommendation, while in Israel it’s taboo.Third, in contrast to American girls who sometimes have to roll with “shallow” small talk that’s part and parcel of American culture and not necessarily the fault of the specific man, Israeli women expect intelligent and deep conversations with men, and they won’t compromise on a lack of spiritual or intellectual depth.To get quality Israeli women, a man has to be the deepest man he could be and know how to express this to a woman.What advice would you give an American man, whether he’s a tourist to Israel or an oleh (immigrant), who wants to pick up or date an Israeli woman? In the eyes of Israeli women, American men are perceived as materialistic, narcissistic, egotistical, shallow, crude, lazy, childish and sometimes dangerous.The main tip I can give is to be unique and different. Therefore, you must show how you are different from these men, which means showing the deeper and more spiritual sides of your personality, your generosity and altruism, your empathy and honesty, your chivalry and maturity.