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Since She’s the First first linked up with our Indian partner school Shanti Bhavan, we’ve fallen in love with the school’s mission and its girls—so when Executive Director Christen Brandt and I got the chance to video chat via Skype—for the first time ever!

It was an amazing experience for us to hear firsthand their hopes, experiences, and what it’s like to be a girl getting an education in India.Shilpa—who’s from a remote village where she said it’s common for elephants to appear and trample their sugarcane—shared that she’s taking the year off after graduation to work on a memoir about her life and the founding of Shanti Bhavan; Karthika—whose mother works at a quarry breaking rocks—told us that she’s applying for law school (and has been accepted to one of the top law schools in the country!), and Sheeba—who said that the Shanti Bhavan students have become her family—told us what college has been like so far as she studies pyschology, economics, and sociology.Graduation is this Sunday, and the girls explained to us what graduation time is like at Shanti Bhavan: 3-4 days of excitement and fun celebrations that include soccer and volleyball matches where the graduates play current students at the school.Sports are a big deal at Shanti Bhavan—and roller skating is a new favorite hobby of the students.Ever wonder what a typical day at school is like for one of our sponsored students? Lunch time, because, Karthika said, they get to pick music to play while they eat.

At Shanti Bhavan, they wake up daily at 6 AM to play sports, have breakfast at 8 AM, and are in school from until . Two of their favorite songs right now are Never Say Never by Justin Bieber and Grenade by Bruno Mars—two of our favorites, too!We also talked about everything from transitioning into college to their favorite movies, but overall, the best part was how magical it was to see these girls’ smiling faces and hear their eloquent, passionate and genuine thoughts on the world around them.The three had thoughtful questions for us, too — on the transition into college, on how we find time to relax in a city like New York, and how She’s the First began.It gave us all the more reason to want to do whatever we can to help make their dreams—and the dreams of girls just like them around the world—come true. To donate to the college fund to help girls like Shilpa, Karthika and Sheeba, visit Shanti Bhavan’s college fund donation site.On January 24, Dan visited the Lancaster school district virtually via Skype.Dan will be having an interactive discussion with the students about the relationship between adversity and happiness and what happiness really means.

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