Skyrim dating or not

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Look, making video game characters who were never intended to kiss do the tongue tango isn't easy.Not all games can have kissing that's as well-animated (or as great for character development, despite the rest of the game being crap at it) as "After each kiss you will recieve a Kiss Effect: carrying capacity bonus + faster stamina regeneration.

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There is no time limit, the bonus will be active as long as you avoid any battles (sneaking will do the job if you ask)." You're reading Steamed, Kotaku's page dedicated to all things in and around Valve's stupidly popular PC gaming service.

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Romance is a way to explain that something has Love in it. If you think Romance and Loves only means the bad S-Word from advlt Content crap then shut up and leave because that is disrespectful and I am not pleased.

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Pharmaceutical company Bethesda is currently working on supplements to accompany this drug but no release dates have been set yet.

As it is still a new product its long-term effects have yet to be determined, though it is believed to not be as potent as Wo W or other substances within the MMO class of drugs.

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The somewhat awkwardly titled " Kissing—Immersive Lovers Comfort" mod has been out for a bit more than a month, but it's definitely worth grabbing on Steam Workshop if you haven't already.

It allows you to lock lips with in-game spouses or basically anyone with a quick console command. Here's a trailer: Sometimes this results in characters holding each other in a vaguely realistic fashion, or even getting down and dirty on the floor—but in a PG-13 way.

Instead of contorting characters into an awkward makeout pretzel, this mod puts them in a kind of ragdoll state, relying on physics—not animations—to bring people together. Other times, it is just hilarious, a slow-mo ragdoll collision of cringing faces and clattering limbs. float, so you have that to look forward to as well.